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Rise Above Hardship Jose Boston Marathon

Washington Post

How a Marine who lost a leg in combat became a Boston Marathon star

After losing a leg in combat, he worked out privately. Now he’s a Boston Marathon star.

Jose Luis Sanchez Rise Above Hardship RA


San Antonio retired Marine talks life, fitness and inspiration after losing leg in Afghanistan

Jose Luis Sanchez uses his gym - and his Instagram account - to inspire others after recovering from losing a leg in Afghanistan.

Jose Luis Sanchez Rise Above Hardship No

American Grit

Rising Above Hardship: Jose Luis Sanchez

He has since dedicated his life toward helping veterans engage with the community through fitness. Allowing veterans and civilians to find common ground where they both feel confident and assured that they have something worthy to contribute now that their part in the war is over.

Jpse Luis Sanchez Power Athlete Radio In

Power Athlete

Relating Through Realness

What makes Sanchez's story so amazing is his honesty. The road to recovery and mental wellness is a long one fraught with an incredible amount of pain and hate. Sanchez now harnesses his experience to usher others through their own trauma. We couldn't be more stoked to get out his story and all he's doing for the veteran community.


San Antonio Express News

Wounded San Antonio vet working out to work back to normal

Like a lot of people, Albert Jimenez was intrigued by a photo that went viral of a local veteran named Jose Luis Sanchez carrying the U.S. flag across the finish line at the 2017 Boston Marathon, his prosthetic leg and running blade testifying to the toll his service had taken.


Affliction Video Vault

Jose Luis Sanchez @JLS143_ Inspirational Interview

Inspirational Video of wounded marine Jose Luis Sanchez picked himself up with the help of Affliction Clothing.

Albert Jimienez Jose Luis Sanchez Northw

NVC Voice

Finding a Purpose Helping Veterans

While all the mental demons are not totally gone, Bert has found a new life through exercise, attending Northwest Vista College, and slowly dropping about 115 pounds. This past fall, Bert completed the Boston Marathon with a group of other veterans and is also on course to earn his associate degree from NVC after this summer.